sermonsSalvation is a gift for guilty sinners, not a reward for the righteous. Having no righteousness of our own, we look to Jesus Christ alone.

What is a Christian? One who, by the grace of God, can declare that he justly deserves the wrath of God, save for the mercy of Jesus Christ alone. He casts aside all hope in his self-righteousness and puts away all pride in his own goodness. One who is glad to be regarded as spiritually bankrupt, saved by the free grace and righteousness of Christ and, by the sheer mercy of God, has been granted a grateful heart which yields in allegiance to Him alone as LORD and sovereign. In a word, one who "glories in Christ Jesus and has no confidence in the flesh." (Phil. 3:3)

What is Monergism? Monergism is a theological term in which the prefix "mono" means "one" and the suffix "ergism" (ergon) means "to work". Or together they mean, "the work of one", or salvation is of the Lord alone, not a cooperation of man and God. If anyone is to be saved Jesus must grant everything we need for salvation, including a new heart to believe. (Deut 29:4, 30:6: Ezek 36:26; John 6:63, 65, 37). The Trinity works in harmony to bring about the salvation of his elect. The Father elects us in Christ, the Son redeems the same, and the Holy Spirit applies regeneration to the all those the Father has given the Son. The gospel indeed goes out to all people who hear it, but in the stubbornness of people's hearts no one, left to themselves, responds to this outward call (1 Cor 1:23, 24; 2:14), so in love God extends mercy to a multitude of ill-deserving rebel sinners by opening their blind eyes, unstopping their deaf ears and turning their heart of stone to a heart of flesh, that they might believe and live ( Rom 9:15, 16). If anyone is to be saved, it is not because someone naturally had a good will, was more humble, was more wise, and someone else did not, but because Christ saved them, If someone trusts in Christ it is because He (Christ) gave them a good will that they might believe the gospel call. No one believes the gospel apart form effectual working of the Holy Spirit. (1 Cor 12;3; 1 Thess 1:4-5)